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Once Upon a Remembrance

Once Upon a Remembrance (Women of Strength #1)
Written by Grace Brannigan

Grade: A



            Once Upon a Remembrance: Book 1 Women of Strength time travel trilogy: Photographer Isabeau Remington travels to 1894 Virginia and falls in love with a man she must ultimately leave behind when she returns to her own time...but things are not always as they seem.

            Modern day photographer Isabeau is pulled from the present time and thrust back into the year 1894 in Virginia. She must help save Hawk Morgan, a man threatened by a killer, a man endangered by his own erased memories. Hawk must survive in 1894 so his present day ancestor Pierce Morgan, will be alive in Isabeau's future.
             Isabeau begins to fall in love with Hawk Morgan but with both their future's uncertain and a killer on the loose, neither one of them may have a tomorrow to look forward to.

            When Isabeau Remington plans to photograph Hawk’s Den with friend and boss, Leif Ericcson (I know- like the Norse explorer), she’s looking through the home owner's, Pierce Morgan, family photo book when she suddenly passes out. When she wakes, Isabeau finds herself on a strange, busy ship with men clothed from the past, but she tries to make herself believe this is all a joke or reenactment. But when she finally meets the Captain of the ship, Hawk Morgan, it's hard to make out what's real anymore.
             Isabeau remembers Hawk from the photo album and now knows that she was sent back into the past of Virginia, and with a killer on the loose, she knows that Hawk is soon to die, but can she save him with her premonitions?
            As Isabeau finds herself falling in love with Hawk, she frets over when she will return back to her time period, and what will happen to him. She knows she must save him to make sure Pierce will be alive in the Modern world, but can she protect him? Find out in this wonderful time-travel, by Grace Brannigan!

            I loved, loved, loved this book! Never one to fall head-over-heels in love with a time travel, there's a first for everyone, I suppose! This book had a little bit of something for everyone, and I enjoyed every piece of it. Hawk Morgan is wonderfully a strong, handsome and endearing lead, and to match him is the brave, smart, and tender-hearted Isabeau Remington that is able to form this brilliant love match. I loved connecting to these characters and was honored to review and book tour for such a great book and author! I look forward to reading Grace Brannigan's other books and I'm positive you will, too!

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Twitter: GBranniganWritr

Bio: Grace Brannigan lives in the Catskill Mountains. She has been writing in one format or another as long as she can remember. She has made her books in various genres available as an indie author since the 1990's. She's a swing dancer and artist, painting custom shoes or barn murals and loves to hike in the mountains where she lives.

            Grace writes about strong women facing life altering issues and the men who love them. Her Women of Character series are 4 stand alone contemporary romances: Echoes from the Past, Once and Always, Heart stealer and Wishing on a Rodeo Moon, all available as ebook at Smashword sand Kindle.

            The Women of Strength series is a paranormal/time travel trilogy, Once Upon a Remembrance, Book 1, out now! Book 2 Soulmates Through Time (coming late 2012) and Book 3 Treasure So Rare (coming in 2013).

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The Merchant's Daughter

The Merchant's Daughter
Written By Melanie Dickerson

Grade: A
Kindle Price: $8.99



      I was a skeptic, and ashamed to admit it now that I've read Dickerson's novel, The Merchant's Daughter. Lately I've been loose with faith, and perhaps a lot of questions too, but this novel really opened my eyes. I love a good Beauty and the Beast plot, but at first I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the spiritual aspect of the book. Now I feel absolutely guilty for even questioning its magic and brains.
       As I became more and more engrossed in the book, many questions I've had were answered, and I felt a bit more at peace just like the heroine. Not only is this novel a clean romance to hand down to the teens at home, but it's also a good lesson for those more spiritual people out there, and perhaps my fellow skeptics as well.

       Annabel Chapmen is caught in her family's lack of responsibilities and has only a few choices left. Her father died three years ago, leaving them with no income, but the family refuses to do their duty of farm working. Now that the new lord of Glynval, known as Lord Ranulf le Wyse, has come to settle down in Glynval, Annabel's family will have to be tried in front of a jury for lack of duty by their village. She's heard terrible rumors circling about the new lord and of his beastly attributes, but surely they are just extreme exaggerations, right?

       The only way to save her family and avoid marriage to the slimy Bailiff Tom, is for Annabel to work as a servant to Lord Ranulf for three years. Surely that would be much preferred than marriage to Bailiff Tom, but what if Ranulf is just as much of a monster as everyone claims him to be?
       As Annabel begins to serve the infamous lord, she's nervous in the presence of such an intimidating man that could easily take away everything she and her family owns. But as Lord le Wyse protects Annabel from Bailiff Tom, she starts to see a different, more compassionate side of her powerful lord. But as Bailiff Tom is found injured and unconscious out in the woods one night, what will happen to Annabel and le Wyse? How will their relationship weather after such a crime? Find out in Melanie Dickerson's awe-inspiring religious fiction, The Merchant's Daughter.
       This novel was a moving experience for me, and if you're up for a good "Beauty and the Beast" plot, I highly recommend this novel. It's also a clean read, so pass it on down to the teens!

Amazon: The Merchant's Daughter

Goodreads: The Merchant's Daughter

Upon A Midnight Dream

Upon A Midnight Dream (London Fairy Tales)
Written By Rachel Van Dyken

Grade: A
Kindle Price: $0.99



       The true Marquess of Whitmore and future Duke of Montmouth, Stefan Hudson returns! This dark giant has returned from the dead after a voyage to India 6 years ago. What Stefan didn't expect on his return was to still find himself engaged under contract to Rosalind Hartwell. No matter how lovely she may be, Stefan has no plans of abiding by the contract all because of a "curse" and so he releases Rosalind to freedom.
       Correction, Hell. 6 frightful months later, Rosalind and Stefan's fathers both pass away once the contract had been annulled, and now his family's turning for the worst. And unbeknownst to Stefan, Rosalind's slowly dying from a sleeping disease! Now it is up to Stefan to marry Rosalind and break the "curse" between their families and save her and their families. He hadn't expected, though, Rosalind to refuse his obnoxious proposals unless he woes her in 20 days before the end of the year when the curse will become final.
       Will Stefan win Rosalind's hand with seduction to break the curse, or something greater? Her heart? Is there a future for these families? Find out in this fantasy Regency romance by Rachel Van Dyken's Upon A Midnight Dream.

       I adored!! this book! The characters were sweet, dreamy and honest with themselves and each other and true to their hearts. Another absolute hit for this author! I cannot wait for her next novel, Whispered Music, sharing us with Dominique and Isabelle's Beauty and the Beast story line. So excited!

Amazon: Upon A Midnight Dream (London Fairy Tales #1)

Goodreads: Upon A Midnight Dream (London Fairy Tales #1)

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The Redemption of Lord Rawlings

The Redemption of Lord Rawlings
Written By Rachel Van Dyken

Grade: A
Kindle Price: $2.99



       Lord Rawlings is back and as hot (and in debt) as ever! Clearly his chances with Miss Emma Gates are destroyed, considering her knew position as as the Duchess of Tempest. Phillip Crawford will just have to face creditors' prison, not unless he can marry, giving him all access to his large fortune which can only be released once he marries. Given his reputation, not any respectable ladies would dare step in front of him, never mind marriage, and all mothers would even look past his title to make sure their daughters are safe from his clutches, right?
       Abigail Gates couldn't be a respectable woman if one considered her plan. She had undoubtedly fallen in love with her sister's intended at such a young age, and now that very curse never left her soul. But now that Emma has moved on and married the duke, could Abigail save a man unworthy of saving?
       She heard of Rawling's debt, and if she wanted to save him from prison she had only a few months to convince the stubborn rake to marry her. Of course that shan't be so difficult with just a few persuading kisses, right?
       Well leave it to Rawlings to become to most respectable sort of rake and refuse Abigail at every turn. But nevertheless, he still longed to give into his desires and fall for his childhood friend Phillip knows he cannot be with Abby in private if he desires her to marry another and keep her reputation in tact, but what if he just married her himself? A marriage could be sucessful based off of lust and friendship, but deep down Phillip knows there's more, so could he marry darling Abby just to feast his desires and save himself? Find out in Rachel VanDyken's wonderful novel The Redemption of Lord Rawlings.

       I loved the characters of this novel, and even though Rawlings had been a disliked character of mine, I admit that I've fallen in love with this bad boy's new character, and his dynamic transition was wonderful! You know what they always say, "Reformed rakes make the best husbands" ;) !

Amazon: The Redemption of Lord Rawlings

Goodreads: The Redemption of Lord Rawlings

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Lady By Any Other Name

A Lady By Any Other Name
Written By Jennifer Kitchens

Grade: B+
Kindle Price: $3.99



      Looking for a clean romance read? And a regency? Look no further than Jennifer Kitchens' very own A Lady By Any Other Name. This author's first novel has the perfect amount of mystery, excitement, deceit and of course, romance for readers of all ages!
      Set just a few years after the war, Julian Huntsford, Earl of Foxley, is investigating the odd death of his older brother, Roger, the late Earl of Foxley. Rampaging across strange clues with loose ends, he ends up with only one lead. Roland Farrington. Could Roger, his responsible, loving brother, had been involved with such a greedy, terrible man? Farrington had been known for hosting the worst sort of parties with wild women and sleazy men of all kinds. There had also been Nicole Farrington, Lord Farrington's sister, not that he'd ever met the girl. Could they be involved in his brother's death?
      Nicole Farrington, or so she believed her name to be, had the misfortune to know that the only father she's ever had was truly her step-father. Long ago, her mother had married a man by the name of Henry, her true love. But Henry was murdered in a highway jacking, or so she still believed. Her mother remarried right away, but was already with child. When her step-father, Lord Farrington at the time, had died, she was left in the care of her evil step-brother, Roland. Roland had mistreated her and forced her to act as a servant in her own home. Now to pay off his debts, Roland will force her to marry a despicable man.
      Nicole runs from the hated step-brother to the only family of her true father, the Marquis of Avonley. Soon she realizes that the Marquis is her father, Henry, and he never died all those years ago. Even though Nicole's mother passed on, Henry wants to forge a relationship with his only daughter since he believed Nicole's mother died in a highway jacking, as well.
      The only man Henry can trust is Roger Huntsford, an old friend, but he doesn't know that Roger had died. Nicole is sent to Lord Foxley's Town residence while he travels to legalize his guardianship of Nicole. Nicole must lay low in London to avoid Roland and the marriage, but when she arrives at Foxley's home, it is not Roger that welcomes her, but his brother, the new earl, Julian Huntsford. She cannot trust Julian with her identity, and so she pretends to be Anna Peachley, the daughter of Roger and Avonley's old friend.
      Julian is suspicious of the girl, but nevertheless, feels compelled to look after her while Avonley is gone. Julian believes that Anna may know something of Roger's death and so decides to let her stay in London with him. Meanwhile, Anna is beginning to doubt the intelligence of lying to the one man whom she came to care for.
      As Julian becomes to appreciate the unique woman he's looking after, can he look past his brother's death and start anew? Can Anna find trust in Julian and tell him the truth, or will she continue to run from the only risk worth taking? Find out in Jennifer Kitchens' A Lady By Any Other Name.
      I loved this book, and although such scenes usually included by other authors, such as Stephanie Laurens and Judith McNaught, were left out, the intimacy was still clear between this hero and heroine in a clean way. Something to definitely pass down to your teens. Such love can be described with tender words in a clean, refreshing romance, proved by Kitchens, and I look forward to reading her next novel.

Amazon: A Lady By Any Other Name

Goodreads: A Lady By Any Other Names

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Seduction of Sebastian St. James

The Seduction of Sebastian St. James
Written By Rachel Van Dyken

Grade: A
Kindle Price: $2.99



       I love, love, love this book! Careful though, because sparks are flying between this hero and heroine in Rachel Van Dyken's The Seduction of Sebastian St. James.

       Sebastian St. James, the Duke of Tempest, also known as "The Angel Duke", is forever praised on his stunning reputation. The man avoids scandal at every turn, in fear of bringing shame to his family name. He's come to stay with Nicholas Devons, the Earl of Renwick, to find the perfect wife this London season. He's searching for an unblemished wife throughout the ton, and is determined to find her. What he didn't plan on was meeting Miss Emma Gates, a wealthy viscount's unruly, hoydenish daughter.
       Miss Emma Gates has been shamed. In her younger years, she enjoyed dancing the ways of a gypsy in her family cabin, alone. One day, when she arrived in the cabin to dance, a frightening man approached her and tried to attack her. Fortunately and Unfortunately, her betrothed, Phillip Crawford, the future Earl of Rawlings, and her parents, arrived at the cabin just in time to save her innocence. No one believed her story of being attacked, and they believed she welcomed the man's intentions. Phillip broke off the engagement, and the scandal was covered up, but Emma was still left with permanent memories and regrets.
       About four years later, Emma decides she'd like to enter into society and search for a husband who might have her. She resides at her cousin's town house in London, Lord and Lady Renwick.
       Sebastian and Emma meet, giving Sebastian ideas about Emma and her beauty, that is until she begins to act unruly and improper. Although, he cannot take his mind off the one woman who seems to challenge him at every turn, yet he knows she wouldn't suit for marriage. But when the two are caught in an embrace at a ball, and Lord Renwick wants revenge, Emma and Sebastian are announced to be searching for a spouse. To keep back suitors, Emma and Sebastian pretend their engagement, in the meanwhile, they must search for the perfect wife/husband for the other. With igniting passion between the two, you can only imagine the issues headed their way.
       As Emma comes to want Sebastian for her own, will she try to seduce him into marrying her, bringing only scandal to his name, or will she let the one man she's come to care for slip from her very clutches to save his honor? Will she even tell him of her scandal? Find out in this wonderful Regency romance by Rachel Van Dyken, The Seduction of Sebastian St. James.

Amazon: The Seduction of Sebastian St. James

Goodreads: The Seduction of Sebastian St. James

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Duke's Redemption

The Duke's Redemption
Written By Carla Capshaw

Grade: B+
Kindle Price: $3.79



       Brace yourself for this heart-breaker. Set in 1782, nearly the end of the American Revolution, Miss Elise Cooper works as the Patriot spy in Charles Towne, South Carolina. Unfortunetly, her "dear, and close friend/spy" known as Hawk, turns out to be a Brit and means to turn Elise, also known as "The Fox", to the Redcoats. As the two struggle, in accidently firing, Hawk is shot and killed.
       Now, Elise escapes British holdings and flees to safety of her American spymaster, Zechariah Sayer and close friend, whom is also a spy, Christian Sayer. Elise learns to hide her identity from the British, and she tries to survive throughout the war as a spy.
       Little does Elise know, Hawk's brother, Drake Amberly, the Duke of Hawk Haven, just so happens to arrive in the colonies in search of his brother's murderer, Fox. Drake arrives and meets Elise at a ball as a trader thinking of shipping with Zechariah between the colonies and England. It's Elise's job to figure out Drake's secrets.
       While Elise is suppose to be spying on Drake to release her enslaved sister from Zechariah's control, she comes to fall more and more for this mysterious man everyday. Elise begins to think that Drake has nothing to do with the war, and soon they marry. All the while, Drake is searching for The Fox before he returns to England with Elise, and soon his spies catch up to The Fox.
       In this Historical Romance novel, with an inspirational Christian view, Drake and Elise are truly put to the ultimate test in overcoming their fears, hatred, and secrets in a time of war. Can Drake forgive Elise for her betrayal to the Mother Country? In her betrayal to him? And her committed crimes? Find out in Carla Capshaw's great novel, "The Duke's Redemption".

       Personally, I loved this novel. It showed Elise and Drake's struggle throughout the war, their hate, and their love. Capshaw included many examples for others to see how you can look to God when in need of help, and how he answers our prayers. I would definitely recommend this novel, and I'm sure it will inspire others too.

Amazon: The Duke's Redemption

Goodreads: The Duke's Redemption

Saturday, April 21, 2012

His Lady Mistress

His Lady Mistress
Written By Elizabeth Rolls

Grade: A

Kindle Price: $3.82



                God, I forgot how much I love this book! I knew it was definitely on my top-favorites list, but re-reading it gave me flashback chills! As my first historical romance novel, thus initiating my love for all things historical (and romance), I will forever love this novel. Elizabeth Rolls is a master in writing, she's very descriptive (you'll soon find that out once you read something of hers), and I just cannot get enough of her heart-wrenching plots! Her characters are always sweet, vulnerable, and strong when need be. How could one ever resist a book like that? My point exact- you must read His Lady Mistress by Elizabeth Rolls. Must.
                And so their story begins. Max, the Earl of Blakehurst, served in a British regiment during the French Revolutionary War at Waterloo. There, he is saved by his captain, William Scott. In his rescue, Scott loses his arm. This injury brings havoc into the Scott family's life, and when Mrs. Scott passes away, William soon succumbs to Laudanum and commits suicide. There to witness his death is his loyal daughter, Verity.
                The same night of William's "funeral", Verity hides from the grave-diggers to leave her father flowers at his unmarked grave. When a dark man came riding to Verity's side and help her back home, he cooks a meal for her, dries her clothing from the rain, and makes sure she has a ready break fast in the morning, but he is never seen again. Verity is forever grateful to him, but now as an orphan child, she goes to live with her aunt and uncle, Lord and Lady Faringdon, but they are extremely devious. They force Verity to use a new name, "Selena". She becomes like a servant in the household, and her distant relatives believe she committed suicide as well.
                Five years later, Lord Blakehurst visits the Faringson's home in search of their niece, Verity Scott. He is told that Verity committed suicide, and now he feels responsible for leaving her the night of William Scott's funeral. As time passes, the pretty maid, known as Selena, shows great bravery towards her employers, and Max feels a strong attraction to this girl. He feels compelled to help her out of this abusive house, and so he offers her protection as his mistress.
                Little does Max know, Selena is truly Verity Scott. When he finally convinces her to become his mistress, Max unknowingly takes her innocence. Afterwards, Verity agrees to Max taking her back to London from the Faringdons, but soon he discovers her true identity. He feels betrayed and that he owed the man who saved his life better than to seduce his daughter. But due to his responsibility and honor for the girl, and William Scott, Max decides to marry her, even though his mother made a deathbed-promise never to marry.
                Their entire relationship plays out through their marriage of up and downs, miscommunication issues, and having lack of trust.
                Will Max and Verity be able to rebind their relationship together and fight through their past and emotional issues? Will they ever be able to find trust in each other's arms, when all along that's where they've wanted to be?
                Find out in Elizabeth Rolls' wonderful novel, His Lady Mistress.

Amazon: His Lady Mistress

Goodreads: His Lady Mistress

Friday, March 9, 2012

When a Duke Says I Do

When a Duke Says I Do
Written By Jane Goodger

Grade: B+
Kindle Price: $4.61



                I was on a car ride towards Florida coming from New York, and scanning through the Kindle Store, I found When a Duke Says I Do. From the blurb, I was excited for this book, especially with a Kindle rating of 4.5 stars! My theory is that almost every time you find a Kindle book with ratings of 4.5+ it will be well worth your pennies! With this warmhearted story, my theory stays true. This tale is sweet, gentle (of course there's moments of conflict where you just want to wring the hero/heroine's neck!!), and I was completely satisfied for a trip 19 hours in the car.

                Elsie Stanhope is a unique young girl who resides with her father, the Baron of Huntington, in Nottinghamshire. Years ago, her beloved twin sister and mother had passed, leaving Elsie with an emptiness robbing her of sleep in her own bed.

                Elsie has been engaged to the future Duke of Kingston ever since she's been a child. Oscar Wilkinson is currently believed to be the Marquess of Hathwaite, and the next man in line for the title of the Duke of Kingston. Neither Elsie nor Oscar wants to marry, but Oscar is frightened by his father's wrath; therefore he must marry. Huntington was paid a large sum for a trade and in return also was given the Duke of Kingston for his daughter to marry. For this reason alone, Elsie feels she cannot disobey her father.

                When Elsie plans on having a mural painted of her favorite memories with her deceased sister, the muralist assistant turns out to be the fantastic main artist. Elsie will keep his secret, but she is intrigued by him and wants to learn of his mysterious past. The assistant, Alexander, does not like to speak to people, but finally opens up to Elsie.

                Alexander paints the same image of Elsie's dream past; for he grew up as a boy with the same fond memories there. The only problem is, Alexander is the true future Duke of Kingston, but he refuses to return to his duties. Elsie and he fall in love, but cannot marry because he is only a "muralist's assistant".

                Will Alexander open up to Elsie on his past and true identity to win back his title and claim the love of his life? Find out in this charming story, When a Duke Says I Do.

                Issues (***SPOILERS***):

                Ending felt a bit rushed for me, when I was expecting a superb, sweet scene. It irritated me how they didn't completely resolve their issues until the epilogue, and that they just said, "we have problems, but let's just act as though it never happened meanwhile we're still frustrated with each other" or at least that's how it was implied. Over all, this is still a great love story and I recommend it anyway!

Amazon: When a Duke Says I Do

Goodreads: When a Duke Says I Do

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Whitney, My Love

Whitney, My Love

Written by Judith McNaught

Grade: A



            Whitney, My Love, by Judith McNaught, was an absolute buy for me. Many people are controversial over McNaught's writings, but personally, I love her. I started Whitney, My Love with great expectations, and I was not disappointed.

            Whitney Stone comes off as a wild, reckless fifteen year old girl who would do anything to win the love of her childhood friend, Paul Sevarin. Paul is the most handsome, charming man in her small village. To the public's eye, Whitney disgraces her father with every childish act committed, no matter how hard she tries to please the people in her life. She wants nothing more than to become the new wife of Paul, whom by the way, wants nothing to do with this awkward young chit. Whitney tries to impress him with her tricks on top of her horse, but she can never look as beautiful as his lover, Elizabeth. Whitney dresses as a young boy, often found in breeches, and appears highly unattractive to people.
            Whitney's father is high in debt, and when Whitney's Aunt Anne and Uncle Gilbert come to visit, they inform her that she will be returning to France for a few years. They plan on making an advantageous match in France for Whitney, although at the rate of things, her chances are slim. No one would have guessed that Whitney would have become an absolute belle of the ton, attracting every man in the ballroom, and owning the jealous eyes of the women.
            Whitney transforms, bringing in many proposals, but only to be rejected by Uncle Gilbert. Whitney seems to be enjoying herself, but the entire time she has her future with Paul in her mind. Whitney plans on returning to her father, making him proud with her success, and winning Paul's heart into marriage.
            One night at a masquerade, Whitney is intrigued by a masked devil. He appears dangerous and alluring, and when they dance together, she is transfixed. This mystery man takes her to the side and tries to make his move, but she is offended and so he begins his chase. This mysterious devil turns out to be the oh-so very handsome and powerful Clayton Westmoreland, Duke of Claymore. When Clayton is determined to win Whitney's hand at any cost, he offers her father for 100 000 Euros to pay off his debt.
            Whitney stuns many, including the world renowned French rake, Nicolas DuVille. He plans on marrying Whitney, but is only shut down when she says they are more like siblings or friends. DuVille is persistent, so he plans on meeting back up with her when she returns to England.
            Her father agrees to this arrangement of marriage, but Clayton wants Whitney to know none of this agreement, and to keep his identity unknown when he decides to become neighbors with the Stones. Whitney's father has her return to their village, and she is frightened to know what people think of her drastic change, especially Paul.
            Everyone is astonished by the beauty that returns to England whom was once a strange tom-boy. Whitney believes Paul is falling in love for her, except there is one problem. Her new neighbor, who her father seems so determined to introduce her to, is a rakishly-handsome man who stirs the desire in her.
            This man appears familiar, but she doesn't recognize his name, Clayton Westland. Not until later on does she find out that he is truly Clayton Westmoreland, the Duke, and they are already engaged. Because of the sums of money paid, Whitney cannot back down from the engagement, but she plans an elopement with Paul, even though she has passion with the Duke like no other.
            Whitney, My Love is an overall sweet, romantic story that knows how to bring on the tears and laughter all at once. Read of the betrayal, tenderness, jealously, hurt, and love found in Whitney, My Love. As Whitney's entire world becomes turned upside-down, will she ever find love? Whom will she choose? This is a great read so don't pass it up! I recommend the rest of McNaught's novels continuing after Whitney, My Love as well. So grab some popcorn, chocolates, tissues and a blanket for this fantastic read about everlasting love!
            Please check out more of Judith McNaught's books at more reviews on historical romances that may appeal to you at my homepage!


            McNaught includes a "rape" scene between main characters that may offend some readers, causing a disappointment in the book. If you are completely against reading anything of rape between the two lovers, please think twice about this book, for you may not want to spend your money.

Amazon: Whitney, My Love

Goodreads: Whitney, My Love