Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Redemption of Lord Rawlings

The Redemption of Lord Rawlings
Written By Rachel Van Dyken

Grade: A
Kindle Price: $2.99



       Lord Rawlings is back and as hot (and in debt) as ever! Clearly his chances with Miss Emma Gates are destroyed, considering her knew position as as the Duchess of Tempest. Phillip Crawford will just have to face creditors' prison, not unless he can marry, giving him all access to his large fortune which can only be released once he marries. Given his reputation, not any respectable ladies would dare step in front of him, never mind marriage, and all mothers would even look past his title to make sure their daughters are safe from his clutches, right?
       Abigail Gates couldn't be a respectable woman if one considered her plan. She had undoubtedly fallen in love with her sister's intended at such a young age, and now that very curse never left her soul. But now that Emma has moved on and married the duke, could Abigail save a man unworthy of saving?
       She heard of Rawling's debt, and if she wanted to save him from prison she had only a few months to convince the stubborn rake to marry her. Of course that shan't be so difficult with just a few persuading kisses, right?
       Well leave it to Rawlings to become to most respectable sort of rake and refuse Abigail at every turn. But nevertheless, he still longed to give into his desires and fall for his childhood friend Phillip knows he cannot be with Abby in private if he desires her to marry another and keep her reputation in tact, but what if he just married her himself? A marriage could be sucessful based off of lust and friendship, but deep down Phillip knows there's more, so could he marry darling Abby just to feast his desires and save himself? Find out in Rachel VanDyken's wonderful novel The Redemption of Lord Rawlings.

       I loved the characters of this novel, and even though Rawlings had been a disliked character of mine, I admit that I've fallen in love with this bad boy's new character, and his dynamic transition was wonderful! You know what they always say, "Reformed rakes make the best husbands" ;) !

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Friday, July 20, 2012

A Lady By Any Other Name

A Lady By Any Other Name
Written By Jennifer Kitchens

Grade: B+
Kindle Price: $3.99



      Looking for a clean romance read? And a regency? Look no further than Jennifer Kitchens' very own A Lady By Any Other Name. This author's first novel has the perfect amount of mystery, excitement, deceit and of course, romance for readers of all ages!
      Set just a few years after the war, Julian Huntsford, Earl of Foxley, is investigating the odd death of his older brother, Roger, the late Earl of Foxley. Rampaging across strange clues with loose ends, he ends up with only one lead. Roland Farrington. Could Roger, his responsible, loving brother, had been involved with such a greedy, terrible man? Farrington had been known for hosting the worst sort of parties with wild women and sleazy men of all kinds. There had also been Nicole Farrington, Lord Farrington's sister, not that he'd ever met the girl. Could they be involved in his brother's death?
      Nicole Farrington, or so she believed her name to be, had the misfortune to know that the only father she's ever had was truly her step-father. Long ago, her mother had married a man by the name of Henry, her true love. But Henry was murdered in a highway jacking, or so she still believed. Her mother remarried right away, but was already with child. When her step-father, Lord Farrington at the time, had died, she was left in the care of her evil step-brother, Roland. Roland had mistreated her and forced her to act as a servant in her own home. Now to pay off his debts, Roland will force her to marry a despicable man.
      Nicole runs from the hated step-brother to the only family of her true father, the Marquis of Avonley. Soon she realizes that the Marquis is her father, Henry, and he never died all those years ago. Even though Nicole's mother passed on, Henry wants to forge a relationship with his only daughter since he believed Nicole's mother died in a highway jacking, as well.
      The only man Henry can trust is Roger Huntsford, an old friend, but he doesn't know that Roger had died. Nicole is sent to Lord Foxley's Town residence while he travels to legalize his guardianship of Nicole. Nicole must lay low in London to avoid Roland and the marriage, but when she arrives at Foxley's home, it is not Roger that welcomes her, but his brother, the new earl, Julian Huntsford. She cannot trust Julian with her identity, and so she pretends to be Anna Peachley, the daughter of Roger and Avonley's old friend.
      Julian is suspicious of the girl, but nevertheless, feels compelled to look after her while Avonley is gone. Julian believes that Anna may know something of Roger's death and so decides to let her stay in London with him. Meanwhile, Anna is beginning to doubt the intelligence of lying to the one man whom she came to care for.
      As Julian becomes to appreciate the unique woman he's looking after, can he look past his brother's death and start anew? Can Anna find trust in Julian and tell him the truth, or will she continue to run from the only risk worth taking? Find out in Jennifer Kitchens' A Lady By Any Other Name.
      I loved this book, and although such scenes usually included by other authors, such as Stephanie Laurens and Judith McNaught, were left out, the intimacy was still clear between this hero and heroine in a clean way. Something to definitely pass down to your teens. Such love can be described with tender words in a clean, refreshing romance, proved by Kitchens, and I look forward to reading her next novel.

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