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  1. Your blog is lovely! I really liked the music, and I think your rating system is great. I'm interested in following your blog, expecially about romances that are clean. It's so heartbreaking to me to dive into a romance, get attatched to the characters, and come across material I'm not comfortable with. I was wondering if you could put a symbol or mark on romances you come across that are PG. I am always looking for a good love story to read and review.

    1. Hey Emily!
      Thank you so much, it really means a lot :)!!
      And yes, that's a great idea and I've seen it on so many blogs, I apologize I haven't thought of it before. I completely understand how so many things in this genre are very uncomfortable so thank you for the suggestion to help out those readers looking for a clean read.

      Thanks again!
      The Romance Reviewer

  2. Hi, Chelsea,
    You might like to check out my Regan's Romance Reviews blog, dedicated to lovers of historical romance.

    Here's the link:

    I've also sent you a "friend request" on Goodreads and I'm sending you an email requesting you review my own novel.



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