Friday, March 9, 2012

When a Duke Says I Do

When a Duke Says I Do
Written By Jane Goodger

Grade: B+
Kindle Price: $4.61



                I was on a car ride towards Florida coming from New York, and scanning through the Kindle Store, I found When a Duke Says I Do. From the blurb, I was excited for this book, especially with a Kindle rating of 4.5 stars! My theory is that almost every time you find a Kindle book with ratings of 4.5+ it will be well worth your pennies! With this warmhearted story, my theory stays true. This tale is sweet, gentle (of course there's moments of conflict where you just want to wring the hero/heroine's neck!!), and I was completely satisfied for a trip 19 hours in the car.

                Elsie Stanhope is a unique young girl who resides with her father, the Baron of Huntington, in Nottinghamshire. Years ago, her beloved twin sister and mother had passed, leaving Elsie with an emptiness robbing her of sleep in her own bed.

                Elsie has been engaged to the future Duke of Kingston ever since she's been a child. Oscar Wilkinson is currently believed to be the Marquess of Hathwaite, and the next man in line for the title of the Duke of Kingston. Neither Elsie nor Oscar wants to marry, but Oscar is frightened by his father's wrath; therefore he must marry. Huntington was paid a large sum for a trade and in return also was given the Duke of Kingston for his daughter to marry. For this reason alone, Elsie feels she cannot disobey her father.

                When Elsie plans on having a mural painted of her favorite memories with her deceased sister, the muralist assistant turns out to be the fantastic main artist. Elsie will keep his secret, but she is intrigued by him and wants to learn of his mysterious past. The assistant, Alexander, does not like to speak to people, but finally opens up to Elsie.

                Alexander paints the same image of Elsie's dream past; for he grew up as a boy with the same fond memories there. The only problem is, Alexander is the true future Duke of Kingston, but he refuses to return to his duties. Elsie and he fall in love, but cannot marry because he is only a "muralist's assistant".

                Will Alexander open up to Elsie on his past and true identity to win back his title and claim the love of his life? Find out in this charming story, When a Duke Says I Do.

                Issues (***SPOILERS***):

                Ending felt a bit rushed for me, when I was expecting a superb, sweet scene. It irritated me how they didn't completely resolve their issues until the epilogue, and that they just said, "we have problems, but let's just act as though it never happened meanwhile we're still frustrated with each other" or at least that's how it was implied. Over all, this is still a great love story and I recommend it anyway!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Whitney, My Love

Whitney, My Love

Written by Judith McNaught

Grade: A



            Whitney, My Love, by Judith McNaught, was an absolute buy for me. Many people are controversial over McNaught's writings, but personally, I love her. I started Whitney, My Love with great expectations, and I was not disappointed.

            Whitney Stone comes off as a wild, reckless fifteen year old girl who would do anything to win the love of her childhood friend, Paul Sevarin. Paul is the most handsome, charming man in her small village. To the public's eye, Whitney disgraces her father with every childish act committed, no matter how hard she tries to please the people in her life. She wants nothing more than to become the new wife of Paul, whom by the way, wants nothing to do with this awkward young chit. Whitney tries to impress him with her tricks on top of her horse, but she can never look as beautiful as his lover, Elizabeth. Whitney dresses as a young boy, often found in breeches, and appears highly unattractive to people.
            Whitney's father is high in debt, and when Whitney's Aunt Anne and Uncle Gilbert come to visit, they inform her that she will be returning to France for a few years. They plan on making an advantageous match in France for Whitney, although at the rate of things, her chances are slim. No one would have guessed that Whitney would have become an absolute belle of the ton, attracting every man in the ballroom, and owning the jealous eyes of the women.
            Whitney transforms, bringing in many proposals, but only to be rejected by Uncle Gilbert. Whitney seems to be enjoying herself, but the entire time she has her future with Paul in her mind. Whitney plans on returning to her father, making him proud with her success, and winning Paul's heart into marriage.
            One night at a masquerade, Whitney is intrigued by a masked devil. He appears dangerous and alluring, and when they dance together, she is transfixed. This mystery man takes her to the side and tries to make his move, but she is offended and so he begins his chase. This mysterious devil turns out to be the oh-so very handsome and powerful Clayton Westmoreland, Duke of Claymore. When Clayton is determined to win Whitney's hand at any cost, he offers her father for 100 000 Euros to pay off his debt.
            Whitney stuns many, including the world renowned French rake, Nicolas DuVille. He plans on marrying Whitney, but is only shut down when she says they are more like siblings or friends. DuVille is persistent, so he plans on meeting back up with her when she returns to England.
            Her father agrees to this arrangement of marriage, but Clayton wants Whitney to know none of this agreement, and to keep his identity unknown when he decides to become neighbors with the Stones. Whitney's father has her return to their village, and she is frightened to know what people think of her drastic change, especially Paul.
            Everyone is astonished by the beauty that returns to England whom was once a strange tom-boy. Whitney believes Paul is falling in love for her, except there is one problem. Her new neighbor, who her father seems so determined to introduce her to, is a rakishly-handsome man who stirs the desire in her.
            This man appears familiar, but she doesn't recognize his name, Clayton Westland. Not until later on does she find out that he is truly Clayton Westmoreland, the Duke, and they are already engaged. Because of the sums of money paid, Whitney cannot back down from the engagement, but she plans an elopement with Paul, even though she has passion with the Duke like no other.
            Whitney, My Love is an overall sweet, romantic story that knows how to bring on the tears and laughter all at once. Read of the betrayal, tenderness, jealously, hurt, and love found in Whitney, My Love. As Whitney's entire world becomes turned upside-down, will she ever find love? Whom will she choose? This is a great read so don't pass it up! I recommend the rest of McNaught's novels continuing after Whitney, My Love as well. So grab some popcorn, chocolates, tissues and a blanket for this fantastic read about everlasting love!
            Please check out more of Judith McNaught's books at more reviews on historical romances that may appeal to you at my homepage!


            McNaught includes a "rape" scene between main characters that may offend some readers, causing a disappointment in the book. If you are completely against reading anything of rape between the two lovers, please think twice about this book, for you may not want to spend your money.

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