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                These things always seem a little uncomfortable to write (and half the time to read) so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

My name’s Chelsea and I currently live in the suburbs of Long Island, located in the state of New York. I aspire to one day move to my dream land of England, preferably the countryside, say, Shropshire? I love the outdoors, athletics, history, writing, and of course, reading. A new-found lover of all things romance, although I have a super soft spot for Regencies, I came across my very first Regency romance on my brand new Kindle a few years back. Thinking the book was free, but the cover was a bit dramatic, I gave it a shot. That was either the best move I’d ever made when it comes to books, or I’d been very, very foolish. Because now I can’t quite seem to get my face out of a book!
After reading a hundred Historicals and about half as many Contemporaries, I decided to try and share my best bargains and the books that stole my heart away, along with some tears, to my fellow romance readers.
Unfortunately, as the site runs by me alone, it’s at times a bit difficult to fit in reviews along with study work and other things necessary in a rather regrettably busy year. I sincerely apologize for delayed reviews and please know I haven’t forgotten, I promise to post them sooner or later! Hopefully sooner, although with this recent hurricane life has become even more frantic. I love receiving requests from authors; it’s a great honor to be asked to give an opinion to your wonderful reads.

Thank you all for your patience and visiting my site :) ,

The Romance Reviewer

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