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The Redemption of Lord Rawlings

The Redemption of Lord Rawlings
Written By Rachel Van Dyken

Grade: A
Kindle Price: $2.99



       Lord Rawlings is back and as hot (and in debt) as ever! Clearly his chances with Miss Emma Gates are destroyed, considering her knew position as as the Duchess of Tempest. Phillip Crawford will just have to face creditors' prison, not unless he can marry, giving him all access to his large fortune which can only be released once he marries. Given his reputation, not any respectable ladies would dare step in front of him, never mind marriage, and all mothers would even look past his title to make sure their daughters are safe from his clutches, right?
       Abigail Gates couldn't be a respectable woman if one considered her plan. She had undoubtedly fallen in love with her sister's intended at such a young age, and now that very curse never left her soul. But now that Emma has moved on and married the duke, could Abigail save a man unworthy of saving?
       She heard of Rawling's debt, and if she wanted to save him from prison she had only a few months to convince the stubborn rake to marry her. Of course that shan't be so difficult with just a few persuading kisses, right?
       Well leave it to Rawlings to become to most respectable sort of rake and refuse Abigail at every turn. But nevertheless, he still longed to give into his desires and fall for his childhood friend Phillip knows he cannot be with Abby in private if he desires her to marry another and keep her reputation in tact, but what if he just married her himself? A marriage could be sucessful based off of lust and friendship, but deep down Phillip knows there's more, so could he marry darling Abby just to feast his desires and save himself? Find out in Rachel VanDyken's wonderful novel The Redemption of Lord Rawlings.

       I loved the characters of this novel, and even though Rawlings had been a disliked character of mine, I admit that I've fallen in love with this bad boy's new character, and his dynamic transition was wonderful! You know what they always say, "Reformed rakes make the best husbands" ;) !

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