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His Lady Mistress

His Lady Mistress
Written By Elizabeth Rolls

Grade: A

Kindle Price: $3.82



                God, I forgot how much I love this book! I knew it was definitely on my top-favorites list, but re-reading it gave me flashback chills! As my first historical romance novel, thus initiating my love for all things historical (and romance), I will forever love this novel. Elizabeth Rolls is a master in writing, she's very descriptive (you'll soon find that out once you read something of hers), and I just cannot get enough of her heart-wrenching plots! Her characters are always sweet, vulnerable, and strong when need be. How could one ever resist a book like that? My point exact- you must read His Lady Mistress by Elizabeth Rolls. Must.
                And so their story begins. Max, the Earl of Blakehurst, served in a British regiment during the French Revolutionary War at Waterloo. There, he is saved by his captain, William Scott. In his rescue, Scott loses his arm. This injury brings havoc into the Scott family's life, and when Mrs. Scott passes away, William soon succumbs to Laudanum and commits suicide. There to witness his death is his loyal daughter, Verity.
                The same night of William's "funeral", Verity hides from the grave-diggers to leave her father flowers at his unmarked grave. When a dark man came riding to Verity's side and help her back home, he cooks a meal for her, dries her clothing from the rain, and makes sure she has a ready break fast in the morning, but he is never seen again. Verity is forever grateful to him, but now as an orphan child, she goes to live with her aunt and uncle, Lord and Lady Faringdon, but they are extremely devious. They force Verity to use a new name, "Selena". She becomes like a servant in the household, and her distant relatives believe she committed suicide as well.
                Five years later, Lord Blakehurst visits the Faringson's home in search of their niece, Verity Scott. He is told that Verity committed suicide, and now he feels responsible for leaving her the night of William Scott's funeral. As time passes, the pretty maid, known as Selena, shows great bravery towards her employers, and Max feels a strong attraction to this girl. He feels compelled to help her out of this abusive house, and so he offers her protection as his mistress.
                Little does Max know, Selena is truly Verity Scott. When he finally convinces her to become his mistress, Max unknowingly takes her innocence. Afterwards, Verity agrees to Max taking her back to London from the Faringdons, but soon he discovers her true identity. He feels betrayed and that he owed the man who saved his life better than to seduce his daughter. But due to his responsibility and honor for the girl, and William Scott, Max decides to marry her, even though his mother made a deathbed-promise never to marry.
                Their entire relationship plays out through their marriage of up and downs, miscommunication issues, and having lack of trust.
                Will Max and Verity be able to rebind their relationship together and fight through their past and emotional issues? Will they ever be able to find trust in each other's arms, when all along that's where they've wanted to be?
                Find out in Elizabeth Rolls' wonderful novel, His Lady Mistress.

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