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The Seduction of Sebastian St. James

The Seduction of Sebastian St. James
Written By Rachel Van Dyken

Grade: A
Kindle Price: $2.99



       I love, love, love this book! Careful though, because sparks are flying between this hero and heroine in Rachel Van Dyken's The Seduction of Sebastian St. James.

       Sebastian St. James, the Duke of Tempest, also known as "The Angel Duke", is forever praised on his stunning reputation. The man avoids scandal at every turn, in fear of bringing shame to his family name. He's come to stay with Nicholas Devons, the Earl of Renwick, to find the perfect wife this London season. He's searching for an unblemished wife throughout the ton, and is determined to find her. What he didn't plan on was meeting Miss Emma Gates, a wealthy viscount's unruly, hoydenish daughter.
       Miss Emma Gates has been shamed. In her younger years, she enjoyed dancing the ways of a gypsy in her family cabin, alone. One day, when she arrived in the cabin to dance, a frightening man approached her and tried to attack her. Fortunately and Unfortunately, her betrothed, Phillip Crawford, the future Earl of Rawlings, and her parents, arrived at the cabin just in time to save her innocence. No one believed her story of being attacked, and they believed she welcomed the man's intentions. Phillip broke off the engagement, and the scandal was covered up, but Emma was still left with permanent memories and regrets.
       About four years later, Emma decides she'd like to enter into society and search for a husband who might have her. She resides at her cousin's town house in London, Lord and Lady Renwick.
       Sebastian and Emma meet, giving Sebastian ideas about Emma and her beauty, that is until she begins to act unruly and improper. Although, he cannot take his mind off the one woman who seems to challenge him at every turn, yet he knows she wouldn't suit for marriage. But when the two are caught in an embrace at a ball, and Lord Renwick wants revenge, Emma and Sebastian are announced to be searching for a spouse. To keep back suitors, Emma and Sebastian pretend their engagement, in the meanwhile, they must search for the perfect wife/husband for the other. With igniting passion between the two, you can only imagine the issues headed their way.
       As Emma comes to want Sebastian for her own, will she try to seduce him into marrying her, bringing only scandal to his name, or will she let the one man she's come to care for slip from her very clutches to save his honor? Will she even tell him of her scandal? Find out in this wonderful Regency romance by Rachel Van Dyken, The Seduction of Sebastian St. James.

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  1. Chelsea! SO sorry I haven't been around! My hiatus was long :( but anyhow, I'm back now! and I LOVED this review! This seems like SUCH an amazing read, I'm adding it to my TBR list right now! Thanks for sharing it!!! <3 Looking forward to reading your posts again!

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

    1. haha thanks so much!! I'm glad you liked the review! Definitely read the book- I loved it and the author's amazing with her other books and series. and I've been away for a while too. busy with school and etc. but now it's summer and I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things!!


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