Friday, September 14, 2012

The Merchant's Daughter

The Merchant's Daughter
Written By Melanie Dickerson

Grade: A
Kindle Price: $8.99



      I was a skeptic, and ashamed to admit it now that I've read Dickerson's novel, The Merchant's Daughter. Lately I've been loose with faith, and perhaps a lot of questions too, but this novel really opened my eyes. I love a good Beauty and the Beast plot, but at first I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the spiritual aspect of the book. Now I feel absolutely guilty for even questioning its magic and brains.
       As I became more and more engrossed in the book, many questions I've had were answered, and I felt a bit more at peace just like the heroine. Not only is this novel a clean romance to hand down to the teens at home, but it's also a good lesson for those more spiritual people out there, and perhaps my fellow skeptics as well.

       Annabel Chapmen is caught in her family's lack of responsibilities and has only a few choices left. Her father died three years ago, leaving them with no income, but the family refuses to do their duty of farm working. Now that the new lord of Glynval, known as Lord Ranulf le Wyse, has come to settle down in Glynval, Annabel's family will have to be tried in front of a jury for lack of duty by their village. She's heard terrible rumors circling about the new lord and of his beastly attributes, but surely they are just extreme exaggerations, right?

       The only way to save her family and avoid marriage to the slimy Bailiff Tom, is for Annabel to work as a servant to Lord Ranulf for three years. Surely that would be much preferred than marriage to Bailiff Tom, but what if Ranulf is just as much of a monster as everyone claims him to be?
       As Annabel begins to serve the infamous lord, she's nervous in the presence of such an intimidating man that could easily take away everything she and her family owns. But as Lord le Wyse protects Annabel from Bailiff Tom, she starts to see a different, more compassionate side of her powerful lord. But as Bailiff Tom is found injured and unconscious out in the woods one night, what will happen to Annabel and le Wyse? How will their relationship weather after such a crime? Find out in Melanie Dickerson's awe-inspiring religious fiction, The Merchant's Daughter.
       This novel was a moving experience for me, and if you're up for a good "Beauty and the Beast" plot, I highly recommend this novel. It's also a clean read, so pass it on down to the teens!

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